Your Memories are Priceless.

With Instant Recalls you can organize your memories and get alerted of good times you had with your near and dear ones.

What Instant Recalls App Offers

IR has been designed to keep your memories and reminders at one place.

RECALL notifications about what food I liked at this place

RECALL notifications about what I need to remember to buy or pickup

RECALL how to return to this exact location

RECALL the date and time of an event , past , present, and future

RECALL with friends with automated sharing

RECALL with a pin drop map view of the spots you marked

RECALL everything with text, photos, and videos

RECALL the Special Details about this location

Why Instant Recall?

"I had a great evening with a friend recently at a place and next time, i was in the same area and got alerted about this place. It brought a smile and refreshed that amazing memory. This is what IR is. We all need good times to have and remembered time to time to make more such memories. Life is a collection of great times & memories."


Boost your relationships

Tough times can only be beaten by great times & happy memories

Share & See

You can share pics & videos of a great place and see what others did at the same place

Enrich Your Memories

Momories shared by others are organized under one address with pics & videos

Awesome Screenshots

See what our designers and developer did


It’s perfect time to join Instant Recall

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